This year with Active Enrollment 2021, there will be a few new changes to Open Enrollment and Presbyterian/Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical plans. It’s important to understand that this year ALL benefit eligible employees must participate by submitting one of two forms, an Enrollment/Change Form, or a No Change Form. Also, all required supporting documentation must accompany submission of EITHER form.

*Exception: New Hires in 2021 are not required to submit proof of dependency.

In addition, it is required that you update your Designated Beneficiary for any life insurance coverage you carry with The Hartford, including Basic and/or Supplemental Life.

During this enrollment employees are given the opportunity to Switch medical carriers, add/drop insurance, or remove/add eligible dependents.

Required: Proof of dependency if continuing coverage, enrolling new dependents, or making changes to existing coverage.

Click here to make changes or enroll Click here for NO CHANGES to current enrollment